Our private label service is unmatched. We offer fantastic private label services, in cosmetic and other bottling needs. 

The Process

Private label skin care service requires washing, sanitizing, and drying the chosen bottles. The bottles are then filled with chemicals or serums through our vacuum filler (60 CPM) and sealed with tamper-evident bands. Next, bottles are labeled using our labeling machine (175 CPM). And while we don’t provide labels, we can suggest several reputable labeling companies to choose from. Labels must be on a 3" core, 10" max OD, left side in order for our machine to do its job properly.

Why Private Label?

Whether in the market for private label cosmetics or other bottling needs, our service is the one to select. Private label services offer an array of advantages, including optimal control over package design, size, production, and distribution, as well as pricing. Our private label services make it possible for you to brand your product exactly as you wish, such as with logos and trademarks, and otherwise mold your customer’s experience, be it in-store or online.

Work With The Best

Work with our knowledgeable team, and enjoy creating the product you really and truly want. We’ll go the extra proverbial mile to ensure your results are nothing short of amazing and allow you to take your brand to the next level, where it belongs.

Cost for our private label cosmetic services is USD $3-5 per unit, depending on quantity. The minimum order is 10, and typical lead time is one to three weeks, depending on order size.

For more information about this service please contact us at cs@coschemsupply.com