What percentage of HA is in the Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

It is a 1% solution that contains maximum 100% strength.

Is the Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum a liquid or a gel?

It is a liquid gel.

Can I apply serums during the day or night?

Serums can be used both day or night, whatever your preference is.

Can I use a derma roller with serums?


How do I apply serum, how much do I put on?

You can apply serum using the complimentary Boston round bottle that it comes with by filling it, then using your glass dropper, squeeze 2-3 drops on finger tips then apply on face or skin.

Is international shipping an option?

We do not provide international shipping. Customers would have to find a freight forwarder within the U.S. to help ship to them.

When will I receive my package?

Please allow 3-7 business days to receive your order. Larger shipments may take up to 2 weeks.

Do you accept returns or refunds?

Returns or refunds are accepted if the company is at fault for sending an incorrect item, and or defective item. Returns or refunds will not be accepted once either a chemical/serum has been opened by customer. If item(s) are ordered incorrectly by the customer, while order has been shipped or already delivered to the customer, and request a refund or return, the customer will need to pay for shipping cost in order to return they’re item(s). Once returned items have been returned to facility, then customer will be refunded.

How do I use Glycolic Acid?

It is for professional use only.

Do I have to dilute the serums before use?

No, you do not have to dilute serums. Serums are ready for use straight out of the bottle

How do I apply the serum?

All serums purchased come with a complementary boston round bottle dropper along with a red tip cap that that can help squeeze the serum into the boston round bottle. Once serum is poured into the boston round bottle, by using the dropper squeeze out 2-3 drops of the serum onto fingertips, and then gently rub into the desired area on the face.

Are Serums Manufactured in the U.S.?

Yes, all our serums are manufactured here in the U.S.?

How do I store my serums/chemicals?

Store serums/ chemicals, in a dry and cool area. For a longer shelf life, serums may also be stored in the fridge.

When do serums expire?

Serums last up to 2 years from purchase date.

What shipping carriers do you use?

Carriers used are USPS and Fed Ex

Are serums injectable?

Serums are not injectable. Serums can be used with derma roller.

If serum is expired and over 2 years old, will it harm my skin?

We do not recommend using product over 2 years old, but if using an expired serum accidentally product will not harm your skin, the product will just not be effective.