Airless Pump Bottle Silver Matte 1 oz

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Store those creams, serums, and gels without contamination! Airless pump bottle with matte silver cap, clear body, and shiny silver collar. Dimensions - 35 mm (1.38 in) diameter 125 mm (4.92 in) height.


  • Minimize contamination and spoilage
  • Great for travel or at home
  • 35 mm diameter 125 mm height
  • Matte Silver Cap, Clear Body, Shiny Silver Collar


Sterilize bottle with alcohol and let dry. Fill product up to neck then screw on cap. Pump several times until the piston raises the product and it dispenses. NOTE: If bottle is not filled to the top, it will take many pumps to get the product out. Also, unscrewing the cap will release the vacuum, and the pumping process will have to start over.