Vegetable Glycerin 99.7% USP/FCC/EP Kosher

Price: $13.95

Now introducing our premium 99.7% Vegetable Glycerin USP/FCC/EP Kosher, for use in cosmetics as a humectant or as a carrier for ejuices.  What sets our glycerin apart from others is purity.  Others advertise 99.7% (or even 99.9%, which does not exist) when in actuality it is 96% or less.  Come see what you've been missing out on.


3 simple ways to test for purity:

 -  99.7% glycerin is very viscous, similar that to of pancake syrup (cold) or thicker

-  99.7% glycerin is much heavier than water (10.5 lb/gal vs. 8.3 lb/gal)

-  99.7% glycerin has a much higher boiling point of 290°C (554°F) whereas 96% glycerin has a boiling point of 175°C (347°F).  A lower boiling point means higher water content, which results in less smoke and more water vapor.


Our premium 99.7% Vegetable Glycerin USP/FCC/EP Kosher is ideal as an e-juice carrier or for cosmetics use. Other companies market vegetable glycerin as 99.7% or 99.9% pure, the latter of which does not exist, when said glycerin is actually 96% or below. Our 99.7% vegetable glycerin is the purest you’ll find on the market, allowing you to create high-quality products with clean ingredients.

If wondering how to test for vegetable glycerin purity, we can help. There are three main features of pure glycerin to look for, including consistency. Real, pure vegetable glycerin is extremely viscous and similar to cold, thick maple syrup. It’s also much heavier than water at 10.5 pounds to the gallon compared to 8.3 pounds to the gallon. Finally, pure vegetable glycerin has a very high boiling point. It boils at 554°F (290°C). In comparison, vegetable glycerin that’s 96% pure has a boiling point of 347°F (175°C). The lower boiling point indicates greater water content, which causes less smoke and the release of more water vapor.

Our high-quality vegetable glycerin is available in 32 oz. jars and 1-gallon drums. If you’re local to the Los Angeles area, talk to us about 5 and 55-gallon drums available for will-call pickup.

Why sacrifice the quality of your products using less-than-pure vegetable glycerin? Contact our friendly team today about ordering options and obtain the ingredients your cosmetic and vaping products need to enjoy widespread appeal and success. We offer free shipping on veggie glycerin and all of our outstanding products to help keep your costs low and allow you to order what you need without issue. All vegetable glycerin bottles come sealed for your protection and feature application caps with lids. 

If local to Los Angeles we have 5 and 55 gallon drums available for will call pickup.  Please contact us for details.